Must pay attention to the registered Wangzhuan novice

novice do Wangzhuan the first thing is to learn how to register your account, this point is the basis, if this step is done, it is difficult to have the confidence to do it, must pay attention to matters so today to talk about the new registered account.

has just started, newcomers have registered a GMAIL mailbox, is used to charge the activation of the letter, but also use this email address for registration for online banking account, registered mail is relatively simple, there is not much to say. About two registered foreign online bank accounts, one is AP, one is PP, the two must be registered, because in your collection is to use two of them, this is the same with the domestic alipay.

PP the first to talk about it, it is very common in the world of online banking, online payment business support in more than and 190 countries, support domestic credit card and bank account at the same time, it is very convenient for the people, the authentication is relatively easy. Open the PP page to see whether the official home page, then select the registered personal account, the choice of language Chinese, fill in the relevant information, there is a lot of people a lot of problems without a credit card should be how to do, the station again, no new credit card to hand the option with credit cards removed, do not tick, and then submit the registration, certification can be used later to PP domestic bank card.

registration AP must note: set a good 4 to 8 bit of pure digital transaction code, must be a pure number, the cash withdrawal or payment to be used, there is a security question and answer do not forget to fill in. This station is in English, so the site has a Chinese tutorial, newcomers can see more tutorials to register, so that it will not be wrong.

are registered in front of the good, you can click on the site to register the account, and this is the key step. For example, the registered NEOBUX site, first find the station tutorial, open the registration page through the recommended links, attention must be registered to become 99 net Wangzhuan downline opened by the link to this site, registered mail must be GMAIL, not domestic mail, like 163, QQ, 126 mailbox is not received to activate the letter, a detailed description of the tutorial, there is not more to say.

anyway, do Wangzhuan novice must learn to see more tutorials, this is a very important point, people are often do not know how to operate, so one must learn to look at the tutorial to operate, do not know to ask webmaster or Q group looking for answers. The station will be detailed to make Chinese tutorial, let everyone can understand, well, first talked about here, I wish you earn more dollars in Wangzhuan road.