SEO era is not goodbye!

is now a lot of people do SEO personnel have been transferred to the network marketing, network marketing, network editor, website construction and so on, then we do the SEO era is to try to tell you now? Weiwei "SEO era hasn’t finished, now do SEO pay more attention to user experience and the user search habits, web page conversion, customer purchase intent product and so on, are we doing SEO need further research and practical, we need to best show for users to browse the"

How many people are in

why SEO said the industry has not with the development of occupation? May About Baidu official regularly change the algorithm, some of the sites are killed, right down the website keywords ranking drop, and so on; let the staff feel SEO SEO is not a good job; the fact that Baidu is doing in order to improve the user experience of this one, if every SEO staff are doing some garbage sites using some illegal means to put the website ranking make up; so to the user experience; a search keyword into the garbage sites, users will immediately leave off; users will know in Baidu search the user did not want to know the most information, another search engine will continue to use Baidu search; resulting in relatively low frequency, of course will affect 100 The degree of corporate profits and market share; then the Baidu Inc will not sit idly by, they have to make some adjustments to make trading links, hang black chain, hidden links, keywords accumulation and so on some illegal means that garbage sites have put them away. Baidu makes some of the best information and web sites to provide the best for users to watch, don’t let the junk information to let users see; we usually look at the video will have some twenty or thirty seconds of advertising information, many people want to get rid of him, but we have no way; Baidu is an intermediate service taking him to the best database; to provide information for users to watch.

has talked about so many things will certainly think some nonsense is not useless; it is not about our SEO era to the end of what? It is because we do SEO the existence of these trading links, keywords accumulation, hidden links these people, will feel that SEO is going out that wasn’t going to do.

SEO the industry basically Baidu is not closed, SEO must exist; but now do SEO need more technical content to live; and we need more research on "user experience" so SEO industry did not to do that, but some do SEO turned a very simple reason: because they do optimization belongs to illegal means; will rely on the sale of links, keywords accumulation, content inside words many times, hidden links, buy the chain and so on some optimization methods do not belong to the normal, which will lead to the site by K, right down, keywords ranking floating is too big, hanging links and so on. Now do SEO more attention to detail, a small problem will lead to