A5 certification to earn a 5000 month experience sharing

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certification before I have 4 part-time and Internet Wangzhuan for years, but has never made any investment money, after a friend introduced me to the A5 forum, the beginning did not go to the certification, the main reason is not the 10 yuan, ha ha. Because never earned a penny on the internet. To be stingy with money.

I sell

source code, issued a national program to sell Part-time Posts in the beginning of A5, no one to ask, then a week later there is a buyer with my QQ, asked how I did not ask me for A5 certification, is not a liar. Then, the deal would be wasted. I had a careful analysis, why buy code so much on the A5 certification, the A5 certification by filtering some swindlers came to the forum, because scammers are generally not A5 certification, the certification is a customer service guarantee, after all, is already in the forum of A5 trading, what children can at least find official coordination.

after the heart of "struggle" after I decided to spend 10 dollars to certification, Vujacic received after a phone call, I’ll have a certified picture, was also feeling quite western style. Then there is a buyer to buy the program said that your A5 coins so little ah, is not a liar. Then I took the trouble to explain a bit, and finally my first business A5 500 dollars to do so.

then I increase the bubble in the region on efforts to see the stickers on the back, of course, also not back. So far has been a A2 webmaster 680A5 coins, and then made a 5 transaction in the source code trading area, which is to sell a one I do not think there is anything special in the domain name of 2000. So I made 5000 dollars a month in A5.

here to share with you is that A5 is a very good platform, Chinese webmaster almost all gather together here, there will always be people who love what you sell, to upgrade their level of owners will have more business, I think this is also the reason why many people want to buy the high level account. Ha ha.

this is my sincere share of a month to A5. We would like to make a lot of money in A5, money is the last word. Thank you A5! I have 4 years of experience in the Internet, operating their own OK part-time network http://s.okjianzhi.com, you can add my qq:369457176

exchange experience. Thank you A5!