Talk about my website operation skills

has been very busy these days, busy I forget how the day is past, BLOG has a few days without my original article. Today, I finally have time to sit down and write BLOG, today I write the problem is to talk about my own in 20 days of how to carry out my website operation information network work.
        what is the operation of the site, on the Internet I Baidu a look, read the story is that the site after the completion of all the work. I do not feel very much agree with the definition of the operation of the site, I think the site is operating and you love the site.
        my own website operation is divided into: website positioning analysis, website planning, website construction, network marketing, website operators and other parts and complete the construction site is not after all work.

website learning professional website, users include website construction, website planning, website promotion, website operation, Web2.0 P2P and 3G VC and entrepreneurial crowd. Clear positioning in this population, within a year will not expand their positioning, this kind of people’s preferences habits character. Do the classification according to the layout. The idea is clear: only professional website, do not advocate bigger and bigger. 2007 site of small and medium sites to survive is to enhance the stickiness of the site with a strong professional users, the diversion of other comprehensive web site users. Such a small site, is the best way for small and medium-sized sites do professionals in the limited manpower resources situation.

two, website planning: clear positioning and thoughtful
A clear introduction of the website and the website of

to operate the contents of the website itself can reflect the advantage. Based on their own site to grasp the soul of the site planning. Website project period: time to clear the table, the time distribution of the stage, can accurately see their work in what to do when, budget: website space domain name, web site production costs. Because the webmaster can own website so the cost is very few, this is why so many webmaster entrenched in the Internet, the overall layout of the site structure, the code is simple not pile, considering the site SEO, also taking into account the website with the change of SEO can vary, minimize later because of these problems the increased workload, in consideration of website design, website or program development, to know the website not only to search engines, and eventually in the face of the user.

site planning a large part of the website design style to consider