Li Zhiguo the beginning of amoeba capital should be good corporate culture


amoebic capital founder Li Zhiguo

in December 19th, Chinese alumni innovation salon in Hangzhou, capital of amoeba founder Li Zhiguo made a keynote speech for the entrepreneurs to share the value of corporate culture, corporate culture and how to do. In his view, corporate culture allows the company to produce a unified thinking, can promote the company’s centripetal force and cohesion, and can even affect sales performance.

on how to build enterprise culture, Li Zhiguo said, more than 95% of the enterprises to write the values of culture is a mere formality, must personally, began to do corporate culture from the beginning of entrepreneurship.

is the following speech:

Li Zhiguo: Thank you for your invitation. I went to Hangzhou in 1999 and joined the Alibaba.

we had just arrived when we call the Alibaba, Alibaba is a super big bastard, you will see the rows of seats, a olga. Ma Yun in the construction of the entrepreneurial park in Binjiang, the space is very transparent, everywhere people. In this case, this design will make everyone very open, very suitable for communication, basically the more modern enterprises will go this way. Including the era of software companies, the traditional era of each person has a compartment, the older, the larger the company will have a larger separator. This is also a form of cultural expression. In Ping An Group, Ping An Innovative executives strongly requested to move to another upstairs, which is the appearance of some features.

first, culture allows the company to have a unified idea and form of expression. When a lot of companies are few, a few words, twisted head, with a colleague, the project will be made, the more people argue more. When everyone has a unified culture, it will save a lot of time to argue. Alibaba doing things will say, I do not speak good faith, there is no customer first, we will be in accordance with each quarter to score. So the most effective point is that there is a culture, people’s thinking in these cultural guidelines will be more efficient, many topics need not argue.

some time ago to listen to Gao Xiaosong speak about the culture of India, to buy things in a bazaar, when the music came, all business people do not do business, and began to worship, this is a very shocking thing, tens of thousands of people together to do things. Religious culture is the most powerful, then we do business can have a similar culture, when the more people, this culture will be more powerful.

two, culture has centripetal force and cohesion. Why do some enterprises or to many years of development, or in accordance with the inertia to development for so many years? Sometimes, tens of thousands of people formed a unified, they have the same pace, so many times, and even business setbacks, downhill time will go on.

you might say that the organization is too large, it will be too bloated