Poison do Union chief information Qihoo town

      make unannounced visits to the a music station, the site is not published, please understand.

      the following is a Qihoo alliance webmaster real speech!

      make unannounced visits to stationmaster: my station is music class, display PV about 400000, currently serving Qihoo alliance alliance forum code, every 140 to block it. The reason why I’ve been putting them on, is that they pay for it in time. No procrastination.

      Qihoo alliance price is very low, but the click rate is high, but do not feel so with other deduction amount, the high price of the alliance is the same code. And I explain to myself is that the Qihoo alliance advertising when I the editor, they also updated several times a day, and money is also complementary, Why not?.

      after the poison will be more Adsense to understand the actual effect of the site advertising, in order to better serve you. Know how to share your experience, you will find that you will earn more money! Love life, love notes to Admin5 every day, do the road station will be more smooth!