4 horror stories about venture partners

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when you first start a business, you have to do a lot of things. So we often hear that as an entrepreneur you can’t master everything, so entrepreneurs generally will be looking for a partner to create your business partner, you either know or understand the technology, business, or good at sales, or good at engineering etc..

in addition to these technical aspects of things, a lot of time the partner may also be your sign, and you make decisions with the people, and even spiritual pillar. Because many times, entrepreneurship is a lonely road, you need a partner.

so in some ways, joint venture is like marriage, but like real marriage, not every pair can be successful. Here are some of the stories of entrepreneurs, because of the relationship with the partner stiff, leading to the problem of Entrepreneurship:

Story 1:

I was a non technical background, but after thinking of a good idea, I started a business trip. At first I found engineers, let him help me to make a product sample, for which I paid a 8% stake. After the success of the beta test, he asked for a monthly salary of 16k-25k. I couldn’t afford it, so I started looking for another tech partner, and I met a professor at Standford, who came to be my advisor. She introduced me to a young man who gave me a temporary web site that made him feel like CTO. After I found another engineer, he was very dissatisfied and left. After the Standford professor can not contact, after a period of time, I learned that she was arrested on charges of trafficking in children. And the newly recruited engineer also proposed to be CTO, and investors to discuss some, I can only give him up. Now I have a good team, but also the amount of transactions. So before the experience of these things still played a role, but too much trouble.

story two:

in 2001 I started our marketing company with two other partners. We have worked in two companies before, and the main idea of this venture is from me. One of the partners is responsible for creativity, the other is responsible for project management, and I am responsible for sales, and many other operations. But the person in charge of the project management has little experience, often have a lot of problems, and he is also responsible for the accounting work, and no experience, do not smooth.

In addition to

, the decision-making process is also very troublesome, because the basic rights of three people, each thing needs to be repeated discussions, delayed a lot of time. And there’s a time to face this