Taobao customer shop chain extension S8 code depth analysis

since ancient times, every social system reform represents a class of interest, and the corresponding economic system. Now to twenty-first Century, the rise of various industries, and industrial policies and measures will have its corresponding interests starting point.

above is nonsense, just to tell you, every time the changes will not just for the sake of stability for all of us absurd reasons, there must be a fixed point of interest. For this store to jump to the S8 changes, where the interests of the starting point?. (unfortunately, the first one, if the modification is finalized, there is no point in favor of Taobao customers)

interests starting point:


navigation bar above the more visible above, many columns represent the interests of That as long as the flow in, any benefits are all, without the slightest relationship with tao. Of course, those columns are clearly visible in Taobao’s two level domain name, which is Taobao for its value mining performance, with the help of Amoy power to develop their own, this method is really vast.

interest starting point two:


stores the navigation bar, shop navigation bar on the home page has become a seller some time ago Taobao open two registered domain names, such as what are the benefits? Since it is two level domain name, then there will be good for the domain name, this part is mainly for the engine. The following will be clear.

interests three: This is where the first second points of the principle, we have found the code to jump to S8? Yes, this is very important, we want to know the original Baidu shop link is ignored, there will not be any included, and now jump to S8, GG and Baidu will be included. If included, means that a large number of Taobao two level domain name has been displayed in front of the spider, which included two level domain name page, as we all know, included two level domain name is very simple, and included two level domain name at the end of the right to the domain name to Taobao network.

there is no doubt that this strategy is very powerful. You Baidu shielding Taobao, we can not shield the two domain name, as long as there is a user, natural Baidu can do nothing. You know, it is because of Baidu’s support for Taobao is not good, it gives us a lot can be optimized if Baidu keyword, learning GG, a large number of guest will collapse.

interest starting point four:


to promote the right side of the page and the bottom of the big picture through car advertising. This is fully consistent with the general layout of absolute optimal advertising arrangement, with a large area of the middle small icon set on the right and bottom large icons advertising. Click absolute storm.

I have already consulted the gourd baby