Life trivia business impulse, team, solve problems

I have always believed that entrepreneurship is a very courageous thing, need is impulsive and passionate.


today would like to talk about the topic of entrepreneurship, but also because of my brother and I quarrel. (statement: my brother is doing software technology industry, not marketing)

I put some of my ideas, he think I am too good, some things will not be so good, and give me some examples: but these are all examples of some of the details of the problem of small.

, for example, such a problem:

I said WeChat powder problem, said WeChat printer is a good method of absorbing powder, can consider to cooperate with some businesses (PS: To investigate the local, our hometown is relatively remote, the Internet, WeChat public, these operations are rare), we attract the crowd with a WeChat printer, improve traffic of them, we can use this powder to reach, is a win-win situation. And this is the way a lot of people to verify the.

and his argument is: these businesses will not control what you win, what attract businesses, it is not let you put the machine. Won’t tell you why.

indeed, he said these are not unreasonable, in our place is indeed possible, but I would like to ask is:

can’t we find a way to solve these problems? If we encounter a problem that is not the idea, that is not, it is not to find their own interface. This time, we should need is: to solve the problem, the problem to think of ways to solve the problem, stop God kill God, kill the Buddha Buddha block.

, however, the follow-up to this issue, I did not continue to discuss it, not much meaning, thinking is not completely edge ah.

maybe you think a very reliable and promising idea, but some people will find such kind of problems, he always see the problems and defects, which is the value view of problems, thinking is not consistent. If we encountered such a business team, then you are a disaster. So, you have to choose the pace of entrepreneurship with you.

of course, the above mentioned always see the problems and defects of people do not necessarily have the disadvantages, things are not absolute, the occasion, but sometimes it is called overcautious, sometimes called stable, also called it.

however, entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself, is a kind of risk investment, is a lonely journey, if you still find one thing always overcautious, shortcomings, then how do you have the courage to start, how to have the momentum going? Business, need to have impact strength, passion


so, entrepreneurship, you must be impulsive, you must have a good team, but also have the ability to solve problems encountered problems. The >