Ali mother the new policy Amoy promotion new direction

believe that many have been soaked in Amoy Ali mother forum, I believe we have seen guest complain a lot one point five percent commission shop!! in fact, I am also one of them, the station’s crown ( has been poisoned by income, not to mention up to have been the reason, because it is difficult to store promotion station to control the flow of. 10.18 I published the crown it a month drilling experience also has the corresponding skills, the effect is also here, then send a picture to prove feasibility.

wanted to add in the original, but has been locked, please forgive me! Now the point, Ali mother issued a new policy in the end what? This policy for the classification setting on the shop floor commission. Classification of the Commission after the adjustment of the specific circumstances are as follows: (virtual items are still not Commission)

classification commission after the adjustment of the specific circumstances are as follows: (virtual items are still not Commission)

The category name

minimum commission highest Commission

Ladies / ladies boutique 5% 50%

Mens 5% 50%

beauty skin care / body / oil 40%


makeup / perfume / hair / tools 3% 40%

Other category 1.5% 50%

although the change is not very clear, but we can already see this trend, the shop’s commission policy will become increasingly thin. This also means that the guest will have a new promotion direction.

in my opinion, we should strengthen the promotion of the store, and dilute a little single product promotion, which is not only conducive to the novice Amoy revenue increase confidence in the short-term, turnover is also very helpful to improve. In this trend, the transaction does not mean that the increase in low income, and may even exceed the single product promotion station of ultra high income. Of course, it is impossible to achieve, after all, this policy has not yet refined shape. In general, for want of Station Guest promotion friends, I suggest to establish a unique store promotion station. Be good for.

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