Wangzhuan my ideas

I do stand ideas different from others, most people think that to do a webmaster, must have a very strong "production capacity, and I think that a successful webmaster is not whether he has strong web production ability, but whether you will run your website, actually like in real life is the same reason, not rich people have high level, as far as I know, it seems like a lot of people have not read into the boss, professional knowledge and strong people instead of migrant workers, of course, do stand it, or to the most basic ability.


the beginning, I like most people, the first thought is to learn all kinds of knowledge ", so I learn the basics, learn FRONTPAGE, because OFFICE is my most familiar with the software, the entry should be relatively fast, but also did not take long to learn, listen to people say that" the Three Musketeers is the best so, put down the FP, to learn the Three Musketeers, took some time, will be some of the most basic operation, and then to the forum to listen to people say that, if we really want to learn to do, or to learn the language of web pages. Then began a journey of learning a language, HTML good, easy to understand, is then several tags, then see others stand are " ", know what is done with the ASP, so ASP want to learn, but because of my limited literacy in secondary school is a computer professional, no language based, simply cannot read, by this time, I walk The road has so long time, oneself think again, also ask yourself, don’t do stand really so difficult? You must learn these things? This time made a bold decision, that is no longer to study these things, the time is not as good as good consideration how to operate a station (the decision, rather than their ability to learn that no, ha ha).

I like the