Good at analysis and summary to find the most single Taobao customers

with some time ago Baidu K Amoy large-scale (API type) station, which had already large single product promotion in a huge crowd. The huge crowds mean to promote strong competition, do station almost 99% of the owners are not making money, real money is only a small portion. Taobao, is an important part of how to choose the Taobao customer products, this step determines your station "income". In other words, a good product selection, the same traffic quality, may earn more than other products. However, a simple copy seems to become a webmaster paints, see what others, promotion but others may rush on like a swarm of hornets, the product because of the improper selection may have no profit. And you as a latecomer, but also to eat a slice of it?

has been a Taobao customer for nearly 4 months, and I don’t dare to say that I’ve made a lot of money, but at least I don’t lose money. Do Taobao guest this line also accumulated a little bit of experience, now share it, only for your reference. Here, for example, you want to promote weight loss products. Before the promotion, you definitely need to know how many weight loss products in the end of Taobao in the sale, how to check? You can search in the search box mom slimming"……. But this does not cover all the weight loss products, my method is Baidu or Google search "slimming products list", because this list is generally Amoy promotion station, and then a little each site, look at what is the promotion, I usually see the search page page second. In this case, I believe 98% of weight loss products have been found.

then we need to conduct a data analysis of these products, which weight loss products are worth promoting, which is not worth. In the A5 before I had an article "Taobao customer products to choose single product promotion", interested friends can go to search. Today, mainly for the second part of the supplement, I hope to give you a little guidance.

look at the following analysis of my table, a series of parameters listed in the Excel table, and then one by one screening.

1, the first step: commission rate (only select more than 40% commission ratio of products)

2, the second step: promotion of proportion (this is a new concept, it is within 30 days by guest promotion products total sales ratio. A high proportion of the conversion rate is high, it is worth promoting; low proportion, indicating that the main products sold by the seller to sell their own publicity, or that the seller cheated (this can be found online). In this screenshot, painting part of individual red is not worth the promotion, "poetry beauty products this month sold 8179}, actually only 80 are sold by Taobao customers, accounting for 0.98%, do you believe? At least I don’t believe, sometimes see some slimming products list, all the products on the list I saw after the promotion," laugh ".


3, step third: sales. I think this only