NOKA incubator project to help entrepreneurs leave

July 10th news, according to foreign media reports, NOKIA’s mobile phone platform but also NOKIA has been besieged on all sides, carry out the "NOKIA bypass incubator" project (Nokia Bridge incubator program), to help people who leave the company business.

NOKIA to provide them with a venture capital before they leave to find venture capital institutions or angel investors.

reported that, once the world’s top mobile phone maker NOKIA has now lost to apple and Android devices. Although the project action is rare, but for the Finland based company is also a dance for joy. Allegedly, the incubator project has 100 companies, dozens of which are located in the United kingdom.

although NOKIA has not yet announced a specific list, but the former NOKIA executives founded Jolla which ranked. The basic idea of the project is to help employees who leave their jobs (now thousands of people) to start their own companies. Of course, these people are not necessarily involved in the technology industry, some workers do is wine import and export business.

spokesman Hao Dawei (David Hall) said that every employee can get 30800 dollars, the number of employees in a company business up to 4 people, this means you can get $123 thousand and 200 in seed money.

In addition to this,

can continue to receive $61530 in funding for each start-up company. Like other incubators, NOKIA provides training and support services. In addition, NOKIA does not have the ownership of these companies, nor to transfer any intellectual property rights to these companies.

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according to Hao, NOKIA’s incubator project started in 2011 April, is quite low-key, is likely to continue until the end of the year. (a)