Collection of some typical liar website

The collection of some typical network Swindlers Company and website, please be careful with our Wangzhuan friends, so as not to be deceived.


typical Swindlers Company. To do this, if you are not a resident of the United States, advised you to give up… Because you can’t get the money.

when the salary is very attractive, but is always paper wealth, do the next station only 2: one is never to pay, two is in your soon to pay by giving you a knife slightly cracking and

this is the two most notorious Swindlers Company. Can’t get the money.

ZoneBlaster (

this station only contact Email address, no contact, no company address, no contact phone

CyberThrill/IEE / Casino Fantasy: (

this station has a fraud suspect, located in the United States Offshore, casino (Casino) website commitment to 20 cents / hit. Registered via the network, the CyberThrill address is displayed in the United States Nassau (the Bahamas), but the actual operation of the company Internet Entertainment in Quebec, Canada (Tel 514-931-2572). A lot of people have complained about CyberThrill (but please note that it is illegal in many countries to participate in gambling through the INTERNET), and tell it to default on advertising fees. The company often establishes a new domain name and the company "shell" name.

ClickAgents (

previous Shout-Ads or NetMagic): located in the UK, this station is suspected of fraud, the address is not present and the phone number is invalid. The company promises to pay up to 20 cents a share, but its treaty is a vague promise to pay only $10. Shout-Ads previously owed advertising fees, ClickAgents company will not pay.

3Apes (

authentic cheaters! Their website is like doing a different kind of personal home page, they claim that the "money" actually refers to the credit points on their website. You can’t get their checks!