No technology how to make money through the network

seems to be a network of part-time Wangzhuan trend, there are several reasons why

their own ability to know, time can be freely regulated, money is earned, there is energy……. So, I will not stick to cannot make money online part-time? Today free Wangzhuan is to work together with you to explore some methods on the site to make money outside wangzhuan.

1, online survey to make money

online payment survey is part of a part-time job in recent years to make money. General online survey projects are operated by large companies, so there is almost no possibility of short-term collapse. In this case, we can do it slowly. While participating in the questionnaire to get compensation, while the introduction of friends to join the investigation, access to incentives. Choose a few can do a strong survey project, participate in and promote. A few hundred dollars a month income, there is no problem.

2, online games to make money

September 2006, Shen Zhaoguo founded the 58 advertising task network on-line, to create a new online mode, anyone can register for free to become the 58 member of the task network advertisement, earn points by participating in the mission, with these points can play the lucky 28 game to earn more points, a lot of people have countless cash the lucky 28 game, I joined the 58 advertising task network from 08 years also has in exchange for 1000 yuan. In recent years, the domestic emergence of many similar sites, like peas, bean bag, net net, e-buy home network, are currently doing very well, the game is also more and more rich and interesting, and part of the site to support cash!


with the successful operation of the JJ game, online chess game is also gradually rising. In particular, the real money landlords the momentum of rapid development, the general registration will send money to start winning the game player, you can withdraw cash, and actually you can participate in a proper, won when earned, lost suggested not to recharge the


Witkey make money

Witkey refers to through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people. Do Witkey is very free of occupation, regardless of gender, regardless of degree, does not limit the work place, as long as the successful participation can earn the reward. The pig is the largest domestic Witkey platform part-time, task China and Witkey star do very well when you suggested to participate in such projects, choose a good platform to 1-2.

4, online task network to make money

Wangzhuan task network is operated by the general personal webmaster, webmaster to apply for projects in the advertising alliance there, and then distributed to the membership of the website operation, the income according to a certain proportion returned to members of the site, this kind of project general when joined the task very much, short-term gains faster, but because of personal webmaster business, the stability is far as described earlier in the Wangzhuan way. Once the alliance does not pay, the owner of the fund chain break, then the members of the proceeds will not be guaranteed