Foreigners talk about entrepreneurship in China’s nternet the difficulty is 5 times the United Stat

this is the second and 5 to help buy founder Yin Rujie chat, need English inclusion, often pauses to translate dialogue than a year ago, Yin Rujie Chinese described by leaps and bounds, the communication is very smooth and fluent, it is difficult to imagine that you are sitting in front of a Korean, only a few years the Chinese.

in the past 15 years, Yin Rujie founded 5 companies, in Chinese do comparison shopping search sites to help 5 before buying, as well as the United States comparison shopping site mySimon, the U.S. search engine company WiseNut, South Korea WISEnut company, the enterprise search engine comparison shopping site Become (2005 in Japan).

Yin Rujie in December 1995 graduated from the Department of computer science, Stanford University, founded in 1998, mySimon founded in 1999, CNET in February 2000 to $700 million acquisition of mySimon WiseNut. In April 2002, WiseNut was acquired by LookSmart, a US catalog navigation search engine provider.

The sale of mySimon

in 2000 at the same time, Yin Rujie was still in South Korea Seoul established the enterprise search engine company WISnut, South Korea currently has more than and 150 home appliance using the program, the company plans this year in IPO. 2004 Yin Rujie once again entered the parity shopping site, founded in the United States Become, and in 2005 to promote to Japan, has been profitable.

these entrepreneurial achievements, and did not let Yin Rujie stop, in his view, although the United States a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, but the opportunity to make large companies rarely, while China’s Internet is full of opportunities.

2007, Yin Rujie took on Korea’s successful enterprise search technology to Chinese business, but did not succeed, until the end of December 2011 to do shopping search sites to help buy 5, just started some fame, and won the 2 round of financing.

for the difficulty of each country, Yin Rujie listed a ranking, if the United States entrepreneurial difficulty coefficient is 1, South Korea is the number of Japan is 2, China is able to reach the level of 5.

since it is so difficult, why do you want to insist on starting a business in China in the past few years as a foreigner? What are the insights? Look at Yin Rujie:

China’s first failed

I have 3 start-ups in the United States, although not much of a success, but also quite good, does not have the opportunity to feel the United States, Japan and South Korea market is limited, especially in 2007 saw China future may have great development, but also want to have entrepreneurial experience in various countries, it to China. Another important reason is that my family in South Korea, the United States and South Korea too far away from the original one year can not see, Shanghai to as long as 2>