Do stand, stand to make money

first statement, I am just a novice in this line is a few months, usually work in the unit, nine to five, each month more than the ocean, can not hold, also hungry, a chance to listen to a friend said the site can make money, I just organs also do computer maintenance work no, the other, there is time, try to get a set of templates to start.

the first is of course website positioning, I think at that time, people looking for a relatively high degree of attention to the topic, he felt a related aspects of the site may be a high degree of concern, her warm and think of you, plus some related aspects of the OK family.

Of course, to take a

domain name easy to remember, English I don’t understand, I think since it is the sexual health website of course with JK at the beginning, the website registered a website called JK170.COM and why JK170.COM? Because other people are registered, want to also not ah.

The next step is to promote the

SEO, I don’t understand, rather than spend promotion, fortunately I have time on for a blog (, every day dozens of articles on the blog, plus my website link at the end of the day, slowly flow up, flow. Of course, to do GG advertising, with the help of a friend to apply for an account, on the second day, at $0.8, due to say less, but there are also a little bit of confidence, continue to send in the Internet, also with some thoughts, some time this every day article on blog headlines, traffic also doubled, the largest is more than 80 thousand PV ( blog more than 50 thousand, site more than 20 thousand), revenue of nearly $10, of course this blog will be the fate of being abandoned, Now a day visit volume is only about 2000, but his mission also finished, now my site is GG, Baidu included more than 10 thousand pages, ten minutes a day to add a few new content, the daily visits about ten thousand PV, revenue of about $2.5, I will not present too much, a station a year invested five hundred or six hundred dollars, an annual income of about 5000, I feel satisfied, telephone charges and smoke money for at least a year almost ah (I only smoke 10 yuan of smoke, let you laugh at me). Interested friends, learn from each other.