Click fraud an investigation on the carcinogenesis of Chinese online advertising industry

click fraud exists in the online ad Click to pay mode. When a person is not interested in the ad itself, but just to get the revenue generated by clicking on the use of manual or computer programs to simulate the normal user clicks on the ad, click fraud occurs.

eleven long holiday, Liu received a notice of overtime. In this regard, the 30 years old, moved to Shenzhen, women have no complaints, but tell himself and his family: "to do business, sometimes have to rely on their own."

did not go to the office, nor to find the target customers to sell, she went to a cafe near his home. There she would change a computer every few minutes. But on every computer, her work is the same: open a number of pages, do not browse the above content, but directly click on the above ads. At the same time she opened a lot of QQ chat window, open the link to open their own group, and told him: "help point"…… A few hours in the past, leaving, she specifically asked the Internet cafe to open an invoice for reimbursement.

as a network advertising agency in Shenzhen ordinary salesman, Liu’s task is completed. At the request, she and the company’s name was hidden, but she is sure: "this should be a more common phenomenon, not only our family."

if you don’t understand what’s going on in these hours, you’re likely to be, or have been, a victim of a new business called click fraud. Although it is not any country in the world is defined as criminal acts, but there is no doubt that this is a gray area network advertising industry has been developing rapidly in the for pay per click advertising, through human or program, a large number of consumer behavior does not constitute the click of the Lord Qian Congguang in his pocket to search and advertising agency.

which has become an important issue, even by some commentators hailed as the biggest threat to the network industry, the reason for it: a web search engine advertising is to prove to the world that he is a kind of effective marketing methods based on, is also a big market of tens of billions of dollars. According to the network market research firm eMarketer estimates that in 2006 the United States online advertising market size of about $16 billion 400 million, including search engine advertising accounted for $6 billion 900 million. While CCID Consulting’s data show that in 2006 Chinese search engine market reached 1 billion 660 million yuan, an increase of 40.6% over 2005. Rely on online advertising, Google and Baidu, the two largest search engine in the United States and China, the first three quarters of 2006 revenue reached $7 billion 400 million and $566 million 500 thousand.

this is one of the fastest growing areas in the history of the advertising industry, and its growth momentum comes from it is expected to change the advertising industry a helpless reality. The traditional mass marketing weakness lies in: advertisers know.