No burden does not want to subvert 90 CEO talk about nternet Entrepreneurship

Internet access Chinese stretching back 20 years. In 20 years, Chinese Internet emerged a large number of amazing entrepreneurs, from Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, now heady, they brought Liu Qiangdong Lei, not the same color as the Chinese business world. Today, this entrepreneurial baton has been passed to the hands of 90.

as a just started 90, I have a few points since the start of the business to share with you, but also to take 20 years to pay tribute to the Chinese internet.

entrepreneurship does not necessarily need to be able to venture

just graduated from college students, 90 in the entrepreneurial process, the first problem encountered is no work experience. Many people, including myself, because this business has been limited to employment must first cycle waste a lot of time. In fact, looking back, entrepreneurship and employment is completely different forms of two, although the two have common, but the characteristics are different.


venture requires you to become "special forces", "Transformers", ask you to take into account everything, core characteristic is "people + money", but not all need to be very top-notch business ability. And employment, the boss is often a single business experience. As far as my own experience is concerned, the boss is often even bored with employees who are concerned about all aspects. Therefore, from the learning curve is concerned, the speed of direct business learning is certainly much higher than employment. Learn war in the war, learning and entrepreneurship in the business is the kingly way.

Internet provides an opportunity to break through the social structure of 90

in traditional society, young people often have to learn from the experience of society in order to enter the right track. In this system, the age is often a disadvantage and burden, because the power pattern has been carved up, industry and social rules have been formulated, young people must meet the social rules in order to enter the pattern.

in modern society, especially in the Internet today after 20 years Chinese, fresh experience of young people can directly integrate the Internet, become Internet aborigines, and often for the elderly, the migration transformation has become a painful experience, age has become a kind of burden. This is why in the tribe, the oldest old people tend to be the most authoritative in the tribe, and the Internet community, there will be a series of Silicon Valley innovators such as Zuckerberg.

modern society is not the era of experience, but the era of technology and innovation. For example in my field of work, the value network is a rule or even has not been finalized in the industry, young people have a brilliant future.

90 entrepreneurial output transparent, free and open new values

since the reform and opening up, Chinese has experienced three years of ten, the first ten years is the ideal high pitched ten years, the poet and the Republic era, is the white age; and the second is ten years of rapid economic growth, to ten years of materialism. Open in twenty-first Century