Novice webmaster face to face must learn to adhere to the twists and turns

station is a pain and happiness that is not to say that the road of the site is Everything is going smoothly., road of the site also has its own tortuous experience, for a novice webmaster, they tend to be tested and recognized more, is to accept the first domain name space asymmetry problem, second is to accept the procedure BUG the problem, finally also accept advertising deduction amount or escape problems.

torture one: domain name space asymmetry, causing problems with the site

many novice webmaster in previous site are not able to choose the high quality of the domain name, or domain name and website asymmetry, or is the domain name service provider is wrong, now I still remember when I was a few times before the establishment of the domain name registration in some small service providers, the domain name were cheated. To tell the truth now some advertising in the Internet is harmful, some small service providers is the use of cheap thoughts to a novice webmaster desires.

A common

problem of space is also a novice webmaster novice webmaster often encountered, in the choice of space will go to Taobao rent affordable space, although the price is affordable but the value is low, at present I encountered a lot of stationmaster encounters this thing, the original website good, suddenly one day taking run away. This can blame, some novice webmaster can not accept this reality it chose to leave the Internet, facing the first kind of torture I want to tell you: no twists and turns where the rainbow? No fruit rain where the


: program BUG, two.

technology does not pass work not completedNow

station is very easy, a domain name, an analytic space, a free program can build a website, and now many free programs BUG there are many, such as the now webmaster friends with more frequent network program, the free version of this program has one of the largest BUG, the many webmasters still do not understand, after adding the 20 thousand data, the net is too big English program there will be some letters, "out of memory /inc_temp/temp_newsList.asp, 95"! So many webmaster friends website although look very good development, but because the program will cause a series of problems in the near future or later, and this is the only way which must be passed if you build websites, have never experienced such a thing, how do you know your program will appear this kind of that kind What about


three: Torture after the storm alliance become a major stumbling block


experienced a few station, perhaps a part of the webmaster hands have the flow, so ready to flow through the part of the webmaster to advertising alliance for advertising, hope is a good thing, but the reality is very cruel, many owners are attracted by the high Advertising Commission, then entered the small advertising alliance so, to do a month income but a few yuan situation, even a few months is not easy to have a 100 yuan of money. "