nternet insurance distribution after the WeChat new profit model

recently, the media reported that the next five years will have 5000-10000 million Internet insurance market, "I estimated this year life insurance to nearly 10 billion yuan scale electricity supplier, including complex insurance payment, now these products also began selling in Taobao or some platform." The general manager of China life insurance e-commerce Department Zhao Yan said that the market is mainly produced in the industry have considered the impact of the Internet on the whole insurance industry will be revolutionary, may be a sales model of past product oriented, gradually into a true customer as the core sales model.

as early as last year, China Ping An Ma Mingzhe, Alibaba Ma, Tencent holding Ma Huateng has entered the Internet online insurance business, a joint venture registered a new company. This opened the prelude to the Internet insurance business and online financial services.

as a webmaster may have little chance to enter the Internet financial industry, but from another perspective, as the future of the new profit model of individual owners in such a huge market, I think it will have the following advantages.

WeChat army rising tide of entrepreneurship

the personal webmaster have moved to WeChat public account, few are currently doing better from the media, but also indicates that the difficulties in the future from the media content, original content supply problems as relatively large circle is the webmaster has been hindering the development of the whole, WeChat and other media are basically the current industry study on more senior rule.


public platform for individual owners is difficult to find an effective profit model and profit model based on the vertical large user with valuable content, therefore, I think that is about to rise in the next few years in finance and insurance will be like the current electricity supplier, become the main Adsense advertising revenue.

Internet insurance development status and distribution model

The term

Internet insurance one or two years gradually exposed by the media, has been mature in the insurance industry has been quite much, at the same time with other industries, derived from the distribution system, the similar Taobao consumer model promotion brought more opportunities to the webmaster, it also avoids the WeChat entrepreneurial tide and the webmaster familiar the way to conflict.

current insurance distribution system to do a good job to promote the League of happy insurance, happy insurance network’s insurance products to promote the distribution platform. This is similar to Ali mother mode insurance distribution platform, with the Internet there are many different, one is the vertical alliance, the Confederacy of independent on the other hand more abundant resources for the formation of a higher commission.

for example, according to relevant statistics, in 2012 China the number of outbound tourism is expected to reach 78 million 400 thousand passengers, an increase of 12% in light of overseas insurance is a huge piece of cake, the exit will need to buy insurance to travel abroad, study abroad website like. This can also be seen in the future of the Internet in the field of vertical insurance market potential.

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