8 methods of entrepreneurship, and the lessons learned

Abstracti dark horse in recent years have been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurs, as the legend of the same, more than 90% of start-up companies will eventually die. In fact, the "death" is not terrible, because of the failure of entrepreneurship is normal, the key is that you can learn from the experience, again on the road to success, let us look at the 8 "end" the most common, and one of the lessons.


new entrants entrepreneurs to as much as possible to avoid the path of the pit as a person? What are the experiences and lessons we can draw? We summed up the eight lessons happy network, public comment, storm, all passengers in the entrepreneurial process, the first 5 are business level, management level is 3. Generally speaking, the management is subject to the operation, the operation is to choose the right thing to do, management is to do things right. To start a business is to choose the right thing, but also to do things right, indispensable

1 copy foreign mode, not down to earth

entrepreneurial tide over the past 10 years, Silicon Valley has been a source of inspiration for Chinese entrepreneurs. Copy the expected success at the same time, also need to consider the risks in the Chinese market suffered The climate does not suit one..

in recent years, jump red entrepreneurial companies, whether it is a hotel room tonight leftover hotel special offer, or for short love daily rental tenants, as well as little light blog, all stopped to copy the American model crashed in the The climate does not suit one. another way, had to move on.

even entrepreneurs with rich experience can sometimes fall into the same trap. Successful operation of the school network founder Xu Zhaojun little net, trying to copy foreign light blog site Tumblr is brilliant, but little ultimately failed to meet market expectations, other Chinese imitators have also disappeared. The reason behind the same is the economic and cultural differences between China and the u.s.. The Tumblr type light blog represents a small minority culture, but in the United States, a high standard of living, vacation and love to share a large group of users, Tumblr still do support the international market, these conditions do not have little net domestic. Coupled with micro-blog and watercress two social platforms have squeezed the living space of light blog, a little bit of a year after the start of the network into a difficult state to maintain.

2 needs to define their own needs are not necessarily true

identify the real needs of the target user is the first step in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs in the initial stage of market research lack of rigorous data analysis, but by intuition to judge, or even from their own needs to judge the market, there is often a large error in the middle.

founder Gong Haiyan is a senior century Jiayuan network entrepreneurs. 10 years ago, the reason Gong Haiyan founded Jiayuan is their object not found. 10 years later, when Gong Haiyan again this way to think about the direction of thinking about the next business, she thought of his own point of pain in English – spoken English, decided to enter the foreign language training market. But this is a solution to the "self"