GG union PN code update

we all know, according to our previous payment process, when the publisher’s revenue reached $$50, we will send to the publisher PIN code and start the phone confirmation. Now, we have modified the process, when your income reached $$10, we will send you the PIN code, you can also start to confirm your phone. So, if your current account income is between $$10-50, please check your account, we have sent you the PIN code.

you do not have any change in the payment cycle, when your account balance of $$100, and the removal of all payment reservations, we will be issued to you at the end of next month.

also note that we have also modified the time for you to submit your tax information and select your payment terms. Since we are unable to pay the income below $$10, you will be able to submit your tax information and select the payment method only if your income is $$10.

hope our new payment process will allow you to quickly confirm account information and receive payment.