The conversion rate of the ultra low Taobao customer has made me downhearted

has always been a lot of people are optimistic about the Taobao customer, I started Taobao off site in two months ago, of course, take an old station into Taobao guest website, over two months, the site didn’t bring me $10 Fen, I also completely downhearted, not done under this warning Taobao guest not easily get involved. You can see my station, now the few words I want to do is do the Baidu top three, "acne products" has entered the first day of 200IP, Baidu, and the desire to buy these keywords are very strong, but how can a single, no deal.




I just do the Taobao customer, once a lot of people say that the conversion rate of about 1%~2%, now my website shows that the conversion rate of up to more than 0.5% Taobao customers may not, why now the turnover rate to this point has been low? Is too many people do, users search for "anti acne products" the results of ten, almost all of the website, the website which he can believe? And do more businesses escape single more and more, don’t be afraid because nobody can help them to promote.

writing is not good, but it is the truth, want to start off Taobao’s friend, the best considered good and then come in, Taobao is perhaps the customer can make money, but we definitely not so easy to imagine, I was ready to give up Taobao customers, continue to do my flow station. This article by

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