Advertising alliance is always a hotbed of garbage

Wangzhuan, mysterious thing once and now we are no longer strange, make money online has become a lot of young people are the most for the goal, because they yearn for the freedom of occupation of SOHO, people do not want to be imprisoned, young people’s thinking is active, as many young people together, thinking to the moment of collision sparks, such a thought and idea is the birth of wangzhuan.

online now Wangzhuan forum and advertising make 100, innumerable, day to earn 200, earning 300 ads everywhere, here alert you that one, especially just want to enter the gate of Wangzhuan novice friends must be careful, that many swindlers deceived a lot before. All about Wangzhuan, many methods and techniques, but most rely on advertising alliance. Refuse to flow in exchange for the Commission, but personally believe that almost all domestic alliances exist phenomenon of deduction, the interests of the owners will never be maximized.

do Wangzhuan forever cannot do without you no traffic flow, what do the Internet society in the money flow, how should we go to get more traffic? Do we have to go to a website promotion, how to let more people know our website, enter our website and we use the website promotion methods, such as traditional forums, quizzes, text and so on, we can also use the SEO to increase our flow.

domestic SEO more and more popular (compared to foreign countries, we have a lot worse), through the SEO, a key word ranking, from the search engine to get traffic. Using SEO to do garbage station group, 1 popular keywords can bring you a lot of traffic every day, but the value of such traffic is not large, can only rely on advertising alliance CPC CPM CPA and other types of advertising in exchange for commission. If you use SEO to do some valuable keywords such as: steel, glass, and so on, even if the flow is not big, but the value of IP is very high, can give you a more lucrative benefits. Do SEO cycle of 1–3 months, but it is a tedious and laborious process, for the psychological and physiological are relatively big test, so it is not suitable for novice adsense. For example, we try to optimize my own several sites, two sites included more normal, GG ranking is still relatively good, Baidu no good rankings, now 1 months passed, the effect is not obvious.

short, now Wangzhuan increasing the threshold is low, also welcome everyone to join the big family of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Road, never end point.

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