Let the forum hot four unspoken rules to make money

is easy to be a small car company in Beijing, 4S shop in charge of people in Chengdu. He in the coming year do regional promotion calculations: in the two car magazine letter 2 made an advertisement is 58 thousand yuan, 36 thousand yuan is tuoshuren do half page advertisement in the newspapers on the Internet version of the car, car vertical search sites on the right side of the column ad is 1000 yuan a, if looking for information company in the online interactive marketing planning is a section of 0.8 yuan, ten thousand posts from a total of 8000 yuan, design and update including pictures and soft content.

who is the first to persuade the old Yi agreed to work with the information company to test the water to accept the new form of advertising it?

a site clerk to the old easy brainwashing, and to introduce him to four effective ways.


method: IP cast gold post

distribution in the country

first it was easy to open old pages, his agent’s new car has a lot of bad comments on the Internet, find what good to see whether first eliminate the impact of further promotion. He told the old easy, a lot of new cars come out, the forum said there are good and bad. If 10 people say is not good, the company will organize 500 people posting on popular forums that the 500 post IP address is different, the distribution in the country, the Internet time is not concentrated, so there is truth, make it easier for other users to convince.

old easy to go where the information company site visits, to scare him a jump, less than 200 square meters of office only a staff of 10. He Jia told the old, they only do a full-time professional driver specific planning maintenance, these people for the specific division of routine inspections, text writing, picture production supervisors and technicians, the rest are part-time personnel responsible for the specific case on the floor, irrigation, maps and videos, and this kind of part-time staff have never met each other, between the identity is confidential. The way of development is the use of part-time online QQ group or MSN exchanges, the number of monthly pay is in accordance with the thread of the hit the other side of the account, we have a set of assessment of thread content standards, A, B, C class, a class of 1 yuan, 0.5 yuan, B class C class 0.3 yuan. In addition, the company will establish a large classification Chinese forum database to manage these part-time staff, these part-time staff is required to continue the thread industry span, identity is relatively complex, with students and other staff. At the same time, the information in the implementation of two working days after the completion of each task post, will provide a 9 Item detailed feedback and report to the customer service, which includes information link address, sampling statistics and information release.

event avoidance method: use hot topics to divert the topic

. Unfortunately, the old car easy to launch in Beijing less than half a year, there are many small problems exposed, the car door closed lax, it will rain water seepage problem is particularly serious, plus some famous car call back broke the news, a lot of friends to buy the old car car began to post in the forum the old car is really easy to.