Google Adwords advertising agency traps beware

has just begun to launch online advertising for traditional businesses, like a soft spot for the Google Adwords agent, but I need to remind you in this, sometimes need to kiss and tell the illusion of agents.

I’ll give you a simple example, such as the Google Adwords agent when you want to put the network advertisement, put forward how much money you pay, you can put your advertisement in the Google content in the network such as Sina ranking, do first, I’ll give you a look at the map:


is also in the picture, I used the red marker position, do not know how it might feel to should be ranked first, is not very easy, and the agent is to seize this kind of psychological you, which makes the advertisers are most willing to pay.

in order to prevent deception here I explain to you about, some do Google Adwords agent’s commitment to the user, how much money you pay, I put your ads do the advertising content first, in fact want to be ranked first, and is not a difficult thing, he can set your price a little higher OK.

such as the general case, set the click on the unit price is 1.5 yuan / times, so agents only need to set the price of 2 yuan / times, you can, but you first row, but will occasionally show in the first place, if you really want to use this way, can be used in the daily budget set a low point approach to implementation, so you can make your ads occasionally display in the number one position. For example, you can set to 50 yuan, so that your daily budget will not be displayed after the end of the.

is another point, we need to pay attention to, that is, the content network is in accordance with the "click refresh to calculate, that page is one click refresh to do accounting once Google is specified in the 5S within one click do not.

had explained, we are not able to be aware of it, so when the money to others, may wish to do a survey on the judge


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