China site seven hegemony

Now there are countless web sites, not the best, how to do better? In addition to the promotion of research methods, it is necessary to study the success of the site construction of the content of the site.    

the first big brother    

second entertainment king    

2 pages of the lower part of the < report; adverse > < application Links > < < > recommended URLs; invalid URL report > < >, I have opinions and suggestions; while small details, is doing better than hao123.    

3 has some service, can stick some high-end customers. Such as blog, album, briefcase. For example, Chinese shortcomings, web site ranking TOP100 garbled.    

4 open mind, provide the download station. Not only do not be afraid of others to copy the site, but also to mention the arch no advertising no copyright information version for download. Really get the network sharing of truth. Why did I write this article? Helping others is helping yourself.    

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