5 ways to keep your product in an invincible position

let me ask you a question: are you making a product the longest time? Ten years? Five years? Two years? Does this product how many times have you tried to make it better, than the previous generation


is beyond, is a product inherent in the growth process. Even a mighty empire may be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Look at the postal service, e-mail came out, he was trampled underfoot, there is no power to fight back.

so never be arrogant to think your product is the best. Even if your opponent is still in a backward state, it’s only a matter of time before you catch up and kill you. The secret to staying ahead is that the product is defeated, not by the opponent, but by yourself. So, how to do this? Let me tell you five ways.

first, destroy your product

all the time, in the next industry to subvert the killer product is what?

take the music industry. The rise of the Internet caused a great impact on the industry, the record company in order to avoid and prevent piracy on the Internet transmission is racke. If you don’t want to happen to them, destroy your product. Here are some ways to ruin your product and create a better product:

to create an elite group: this group consists of all experts, all people with innovative ideas to develop better than the previous generation of products, and in the old way is not like other old team to develop new products, and must strengthen security, to improve the team’s support.

in place to think the opposite: gradually improve your products through time, this does not create a revolutionary product, this is like asking those who love your product what they want, they love your products, they can not give what constructive opinions, a metaphor that parents like look at the children, to see how pleasing to the eye, and then a big mistake is just a little mistake. It’s possible to be creative when you ask the user why you hate your product.

: don’t let the elite group behind closed doors close attention to similar products in the market, product design and cost, let them know all kinds of customer demand for products.

set up a temporary laboratory group: Malaysia Airlines creative laboratory group aims to complete some business goals such as "improve revenue". Only when it is necessary to combine the laboratory into a laboratory group, this combination of laboratory methods can improve the productivity of the company, and because it does not need to build a large laboratory and save a lot of maintenance costs.


second, make sure your product can solve practical problems

no matter what you are