Wu Bo venture push the United States and Australia into the field of overseas real estate

Wu Bo and, Wang Qiang photo


technology news March 3rd afternoon news, last year start the O2O fashion brand Wu Bo, start again to enter the overseas real estate industry, launched the US Australia ranks meiaoju.com business platform to do the real estate O2O, the platform has won the Xu Xiaoping and Taishan capital angel investment.

According to Wu Bo

, the Canada music has opened more than a dozen line shop, basically break even, why start again in such a short period of time, it is because of the real estate industry to feel the O2O reform upsurge.

At present,

Wu Bo has been out of the daily management of the North American music, but is still the company’s founder, he worked in a joint real estate partner network, E-House Chinese worked together, set up overseas investment purchase platform meiaoju.com.

According to Wu Bo

, the US Australia ranks to cut from the overseas real estate perspective, find investment opportunities for domestic and overseas investors, the Australian real estate resources has emerged as one of the first line, the United States and other overseas real estate will also be involved in the operation and.

Wu Bo said that the United States and Australia ranking method mainly through intelligent summarization and analysis of overseas real estate, at the same time to the purchase recommendation information authority, the highest rate of return on investment real estate projects, and create professional online store for many overseas real estate agencies.

according to reports, the United States and Australia ranks has been awarded the Xu Xiaoping brothers fund and Taishan investment, and attract a large number of the original real estate network team, the team will make the regression focus speed in Macao greatly accelerated. (Lin Ming)