Open Taobao shop tutorials, talk about my university three years of Taobao shop career

I am a graduating to the senior, now I drive a Taobao shop on their own, selling various kind of headdress flower, hairpin ornaments, the students are busy looking for work, but I enjoy the comfortable life, do not want to find a job, a the small shop, your own boss, feel good! Of course, speaking of the shop, I have a lot to say……

was just entering college in the first year, all feel fresh, start adding a bunch of rather baffling Association, what literary agency, chess club, work study, etc.. After a month, fresh gradually cleared, these associations did not feel what it meant, of course, only feel good, is of work study, the reason is: to join the association, I was introduced to a tutor work, although the job for only half a year, but enough to make me thankful. I at that time, because the family conditions are not good, also want to earn extra money, but also enrich your life. That is a tutor, let me feel very substantial, taught the students, but also to make money.

but when the good times don’t last long second semester, the students, because of various reasons to transfer, therefore, I did not teach students. After this, I have with other classmates, to the bustling pedestrian street holding "tutor" brand is expected to be a "Bole" phase, can backfire, holding a sign for five or six times, despite asking, but ultimately did not find new home work. Since then, I will never find a tutor, I always feel that people rely on their own, the work of the tutor has a lot of chance, if you can have a career that would be good. With this in mind, I began to look around some needs of female students gradually, I found that the family conditions are good girls, all in the hairpin headdress flower, but also for every two or three days, buy constantly after the buy, not two times, and threw them away. After careful thinking, I think this is an opportunity, if we can sell this kind of flower ornaments to open a store, certainly promising.

with these thoughts in mind, I began to pay attention to the Taobao shop, and gradually learned how to open shop on, of course registration, real name authentication of these basic operations but is simple, but the back goods shelves, product page description, commodity picture processing problem beats me. With these questions, after more than a month of exploration, I finally found the Taobao shop video tutorials. In fact, before the text of the tutorial also read a lot, but it is not here don’t understand, there is wrong, then I found the website Taobao store video tutorial, explain very clear, clear steps, I soon mastered many beginners Taobao store knowledge.

mastered the essentials of the novice shop, I am worried about is the source of the problem, but God has eyes. In the second semester, my boyfriend, is a male fellow, his family is in Zhejiang. Dating for a period of time, we can talk about anything, of course, you mentioned that I was the most exciting thing Taobao shop, the supply problem.