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these "little minions" need to learn what the Tencent, Facebook products such as giant


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since WeChat for the Tencent to lay another Bureau good fight, vice president of Tencent, Tencent Guangzhou R & D department general manager Zhang Xiaolong became the domestic IT circle reds. Some time ago, he knew almost on the answer to the question, what is a good user experience is reproduced by many peers?. In fact, the product manager is already known to one of the most popular topics that, from the beginning of this "job" was born, a product manager on experience has never stopped.

technology in the current threshold is getting lower and lower, want to make the product stand out, is undoubtedly more and more difficult. New products will always encounter homogenization competition, so the Internet entrepreneurs will focus on a star product manager who. These people seem to hold the golden key.

but we want to discuss the problem is the product system, that is, through what kind of architecture, the process of product driven and execution, or product managers and other product managers to supervise.

in the "entrepreneur" for the "investigation" system, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are mentioned from the transition to the lightweight small team needs clear product lines, increase the number of products, increase team, professional segments, there is always a time point (or even a long for some time, will be entangled in the product) system:

what kind of product mechanism is suitable for their own team?

CEO should I be the product manager and how to coordinate with the product manager?

is the establishment of the product system to be supplemented by the company’s cultural heritage?

Facebook, Google and other transnational giants of the product system is too idealistic?

has numerous product managers Tencent, in the system which can learn from



this is a different topic because of the company, almost every one in the exploration, almost every one has been through their own detours. Therefore, we look for some entrepreneurs, some of them worked in large Internet companies, their products become a pawn in the system; some is a former product manager, after the start was determined not to set the product manager.

from their respective product system, we can sum up the following points:

is a new project settings for the project team, including designers, engineers, product manager, Wuzangjuquan, or to the departments to divide each new product line operations by the entire team, this is a very basic problem. Many companies will be able to create a number of "public resources", such as the sharing of the designer team, shared code library or some R & D