Wangzhuan this way and go tired

I have been cheated, cheated. Know the feeling after the first do not say lose money even worse is to hope the project burst, but the consequences are often caused by their own greed because I had about 30 yuan in revenue every day. But do vote task done friends know how hard to earn 50 yuan T task. Every day from morning till night will continue to pass data. Only when the rest of the data to see how transfer had been broken down for.1 months, would rather go to work to work but do not forget to "Baidu" search "task" to see. The highest state of Japan "every single task" Wangzhuan registered 12 yuan -20 yuan novice 1 hours can be completed in 20-30 minutes after the daily income of 300-500.

this is what attracted me. Continue to see the left QQ27365xxx plus he learned to pay tuition. 300 yuan, I went to the Baidu search under the Japanese task results to see a lot of related to the sale of the tutorial is also said that a few hundred dollars a day or day settlement.. The price of the tutorial is 600-800 yuan. Voice and video tutorial.. Remote assistance guide

I was puzzled to find 300 yuan back. I bought a tutorial and he gave me a tutorial. It took me a few hours to do it. Japan blocked the mainland IP so that the task can not do a high price of the network can only do the high cost of the need to buy the server 1 yuan about $1500 in costs. No money to invest..

I can’t wait for the server. The problem came to the task of low-cost network needs to be audited for about 1 months. There is a single seal problem. Which means you still can’t make money. Later asked a few people know. This Japanese mission can not do.

is to rely on income to make money. Without the ability to rely on selling money making tutorial. I didn’t buy the server.. Later bought a few people told me that the server down 1 months to earn money in the server is a few hundred dollars living expenses.

I’m following a few of the more popular liars. Be careful

" 20click" we all know that a liar is now similar to this liar and come out like what 450click 300 seconds, etc.. 20click cheated on the high level million. Can be said that the history of Wangzhuan cheated the number amount chief

each big Wangzhuan forum. The essence of top propaganda theme. More than 50% pure liar is pulled off the hook liar

Only foreign Wangzhuan class PTC click

pull off the assembly line is made of real people but also more complexity and various factors that you do not receive the money.