t is not easy to receive the first video 190 yuan Commission

received the first video Union Commission today, it is not easy, the first time I stand on the Internet published this article, talk about the feelings of everyone.

payment issue total commission fees actually paid tax payment time

20080602-0615201.75 yuan 0 yuan 192.75 yuan 2008-06-23 payment is completed

my station is about 10000IP a day, the first video revenue of about 25 yuan, showing the number is about 3000 times, there is a time of 2500 times, the estimated amount of deduction. But idle is idle, hang can also earn money. Like a small flow of the site will not work, if you 1000IP a day, I guess you have 200 good. Basically IP and display ratio is 5:1, 20% ratio, make little money. However, the alliance, not a liar, the money to fight, or give you a fight. My QQ is 79703298 welcome exchange.