Agriculture has the risk, the investment need to be cautious

people had the impulse of the desire to further liberalize the capital to the countryside, agricultural management system in the Third Plenary Session of the policy background, more and more uncontrollable. But agriculture is the paradise for investment? These years, accustomed to looking at those vivid examples from the two or three industry to agriculture and after, so want to do some sort, showing people want to invest in agriculture or agricultural investment.

advice one: you have to understand the policy

look at the trend, the three rural issues under the background of industrialization and urbanization, the overall presentation of the population continued to decline, the agricultural labor force outflow, village hollowing and other problems, objectively formed a moderate expansion of land scale trend, also provide external funds, technology. However, we must pay attention to agriculture is a very high degree of industrial relations with the policy, in the past often talk about the development of agriculture, a policy, two rely on science and technology, the investment by the three, and now still. For example, the agricultural industry policy adjustment since 2008 for the pig no less investment, now pig production overcapacity, while the overall shortage of beef and mutton, so from this year to play in the next few years, beef sheep industry to increase investment inevitable. If you want to invest in animal husbandry, is already near the pig industry investment, or investment market tight cattle sheep industry


advice two: you have to understand agriculture

to engage in agriculture, we must first understand that what is agriculture, or at least know that agriculture is not industry. Common sense out of the problem, the consequences are very serious. This alone has so many investment Jingsheyao! Some people when investing in agriculture with the industrial investment naive way to engage in agricultural investment planning, dream like a factory quickly construction, commissioning and production, which I do not know the agriculture of animal and plant life reproduction, restricted by the fundamental biological rules and natural climate conditions. There is obvious seasonal, regional and periodic cattle, no more than three years is not out of the bar, apple did not five years is not the fruit hanging in front of the laws of nature, iron, money and what is the use? Is a more industrial investment to agriculture, did not think the land is not the mortgage, occupied long period of agriculture for liquidity is amazing, because the capital chain can not keep up and trapped in the coming to fruition before dawn, let a person regret


advice three: you have to understand the cooperation

You must do

agriculture from farmers to transfer to, whether the transfer is you deal directly with farmers, or dealing with the local government, from the perspective of law have no difference, because after all the land is the farmers, you just transfer a certain number of years of land contract management right. So, you want to completely put aside farmers alone profit is not possible, you must hire a farmer of local farmers, you cannot do without the support of local farmers, you must learn to work with farmers. That is to say, the idea of the association of agriculture, agriculture to make money, but not to squeeze farmers, but farmers win. One of the success factors of Chu orange is to let farmers got benefits. The number of agricultural enterprises and farmers because of the lack of cooperation, or repeat the mistakes of people’s commune, agricultural >