Pricing strategy of network products

in the marketing strategy, prices tend to be ignored, such as repeated in many phenomena in advertising or advertising model. However, in order to make it clear that the pricing strategy can be a big deal for you, we must determine the way a customer pays for a product or service. In the case of the product is not directly sold to the most users, the pricing is often described as the masses: Wholesale and retail as a sales channel for the implementation of both. A variety of services can be classified as a variety of pricing strategies, such as when a particular industry: brokers, distributors, retailers, individual end consumers. This strategy will help you create ultra low cost benefits after you have the most competitive pricing strategy. The business market is forced to cut your competitors in the pricing strategy, such as the availability of your suppliers, the availability of the product, and how the customer plays a role……. Positioning your focus on your target consumer group is also an important factor! Pricing strategy product pricing is a diversified strategy. In different market environment, there are different planning strategies. At some point you have to choose the best pricing strategy. Here are two strategies: short term and long term sales profit targets; competitors’ activities; and customer’s ultimate value. And contains several factors below: Calculation of cost: make pricing at the early stage of you, you have to calculate your cost and expense budget cost, using this way helps to keep the most profitable benefits, but must pay attention to is likely to lead to price out of customer expected price and mentality. Competitive pricing: what is a competitive pricing? Different prices, is shown to have different competitors, to observe the products of their products in the market for general analytical pricing, when you determine the price of the product, so that you and your competition for a comprehensive range of a price strategy of price will struggle. Price advantage: when you have a product that can provide a unique or rare product to the customer, the price of the product is an advantage. So what constitutes this advantage? What is the use of the product to the buyer when the buyer buys the product, and the product is unique in the market so as to achieve the advantage of the product. Continue to make a higher price for the product. The product is scheduled for high also to give the buyer to product reliability caused by galway. In the case of a unique product, the buyer must pay the price, because they have no choice. So the product is also at this time to improve their value. Of course, in the current market the uniqueness of a product may be short-lived, why do you say so? Because the market is quite high imitation rate. It will also give the product a great competition and strike. So how do you guarantee the uniqueness of your product? You must continue to explore the needs of customers, technical follow-up, to help customers to achieve a kind of dependence on the reliability of the product. Business customers will not cause a loss of prestige for your products. The rate of penetration of the price: at this point it is contrary to what is said above