Silicon Valley’s first Chinese American business incubator accelerator project started

for entrepreneurs, the incubator is to achieve the dream booster. The size of dozens of incubators in Silicon Valley, both Y Combinator such a prestigious, there are 500 Startups so overseas. But for the Chinese market, InnoSpring (Genesis) (micro-blog) is undoubtedly a special one. As the first Chinese American Business Incubator in Silicon Valley, InnoSpring can be seen as a bridge between China and the United States start-up companies. Behind this was founded soon with venture capital incubator power of two countries: Tsinghua Science Park, Ruian real estate, the northern lights venture and Silicon Valley bank.

operation more than two months, InnoSpring in Silicon Valley Santa Clara incubator base has ushered in the entrepreneurial team of the more than and 20, the business involves the mobile Internet, chip development, clean energy and other fields. InnoSpring also selectively seed investment. In the early launch of the entrepreneurial team incubator project, InnoSpring this week announced the launch of a new accelerator project for the growth of entrepreneurial team, to the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial team in the United States between the two countries to achieve the market boost for a period of 6 months.

from the beginning of this week to the end of August, InnoSpring began to accept the application of entrepreneurial team, in September selected up to 10 entrepreneurial teams in October settled, and held Demo Day activities in accelerating the project 6 months after the end of the. Each entrepreneurial team will receive $100 thousand in funding, and accept InnoSpring tailored professional guidance for Industry and business consulting.

InnoSpring President Zhang Yuqing said in an interview with Sina Technology, said: InnoSpring will set up a professional team of 15-20 professionals to provide the most targeted guidance for entrepreneurial team. These professionals include specific industry experts, venture capitalists, angel investors, expert of marketing and public relations and entrepreneurial firms."

Zhang Yuqing also said, InnoSpring will be invited to Silicon Valley and China well-known entrepreneurs and executives, to lecture for entrepreneurs and VCs and angel investors provide contact opportunities for entrepreneurs. At present, InnoSpring has identified 8 consultants in China and the United States has a wealth of experience in venture capital, or a senior investor, or a successful entrepreneur.

InnoSpring has an obvious mark of Tsinghua University, there are many consultants in Tsinghua graduates: Huashan capital founding partner of Datong Chen, as a successful entrepreneur and investor, Chen Datong is also co-founder of Spreadtrum communications and Omnivision; Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Association Gold Angel Fund Managing Partner Jin Xuecheng, who co founded Simple Silicon, currently served as vice president of iWatt company; Tsinghua Angel Fund Consultant Wang Jinlin, he is currently the Answers CTO.

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