Barge assassin money online Canon 1 edition of mobile phone ringtones

The assassin’s article network canon, one big webmaster provoke discussion. All webmaster forums reprint this article everywhere

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the assassin has almost not called ringtones Raiders Raiders can only be called summarized. Because these methods, basically obsolete. Failure.

because the situation is too dangerous now. In the past few days I talk with the Raiders assassin promotion feasibility hand to make money.

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I to these promotion techniques

assassin said: l to popular forums / community to send ringtones ad.

        send fast letter quickly. No advertising. Now the Forum on advertising stickers too strict management. Such as in the site are not outdated. Directly.. there are many forums such as the banner.

2 Baidu post bar:

key about it. This is not Post Bar. Do not say first crazy advertising Baidu in Baidu will seal a station. Because I was a station set up Baidu found trash not included. So I have nothing to fear.

Then go to the


a manual method. In a bell bar hours. Then I came to look at the effect of the bell, a look is full of several teaching advertising.