How to quickly identify fraud scam Wangzhuan analysis project (on)

The rapid development of

networks today, more and more people want to earn a pot of gold in the network. Netizens also gradually accepted the Wangzhuan word. For a newcomer, Wangzhuan is attractive, only one computer can earn money is not illusory in the age of network and. But in the face of dragons and fishes jumbled together Wangzhuan project, may also be a trap. How can a new easy to avoid these traps? I do Wangzhuan is also 2 years, now I tell you how to identify new projects fast Wangzhuan scam.

topic more exaggerated, attract people can not be trusted, when you enter a comprehensive Wangzhuan site, it is not difficult to find, there are many projects are very attractive. Such

Title 1: Monthly earned 100 thousand is not a dream (temptation level of 5 stars)

scam analysis:

Title 1 temptation is not small, I believe everyone will be heart, can not help but curious to join them. How much is the 100 thousand to earn the white-collar class, but it is impossible to achieve. If you can make so much money on the Internet, why bother?.

note: the general play such advertising language will need you to invest. Of course, there will be investment risk, you need to understand that the sky is not pie. There are 2 kinds of investment I met:

1: Dividend Mode

you will enter a website, the website is the company profile, the general website will be the name of the company, said the company in order to have more money to run, so now in the network to raise funds to users. In the form of monthly dividend returns. Registered as a member, you can get very lucrative. Of course, this member is not free, you need to pay. Almost all will be divided into 3 grades, junior members, membership dues to pay 999. Dividends will be 99 yuan per month. Intermediate member, pay 1999. Monthly dividend of 999 senior members of the monthly dividend of $1999, or perhaps we will ask, not to earn $100 thousand this month, the highest dividend is only 1999 this is how the matter?.

In fact,

is not the most profitable part of the dividend, but you go to the promotion, if you can pull a person to join, he is your downline, you will get a part of his dues. For example, if you pull into a junior member, you will receive a 499 bonus. The more you pull in, the more you will get. You have enough 100 senior members, you can reach a monthly salary of 100 thousand.

like this Wangzhuan is a lie, you do not believe. My friend went to a junior member. A month until the dividend, the site can not be opened, the customer service can not contact, the site took our money to run, we do not even know what his last name, let alone to sue him. This result can only be dumb eat coptis.

2 network chess, always color, gambling mode