German zanox advertising alliance detailed application

zanox is the world’s leading online advertising alliance in Germany, brilliant performance in Europe, in many parts of the world has a branch, because the Chinese market into the near future, so pay more attention to credibility. And, Germany’s good reputation, has been recognized by the world. The advertising alliance with the euro as the main currency unit, the minimum payment is 25 euros. As a webmaster, there is no reason to refuse!

is the main way to make money:    
1, click on the application type of advertising, the lowest is a click on a penny is RMB 8 cents;  
2, registration, sales commission, the Commission is quite large proportion;  
3 recommend recommend a webmaster webmaster, effective, 2 euros.

details of the following steps,   use the method described in the back!

registration, first to the local bank to open a savings account (or card), the Bank of China’s current book (or card) the best, other banks are also!

the first step, enter the application page: Click to enter the zanox Chinese application page:

this page is very simple, as long as the Chinese characters will be filled in, the user name is your mailbox, fill in the "registration" button to enter the second step.

second step, fill in your address information

      simple, needless to say! Click the Save button to enter the next step.

third step, fill in the tax information

      in the company’s name, fill in the name of the person you just filled out, click the "save" button, and then go to the next step.

fourth step, fill in the website information, as follows:

this page is to ask you what kind of way to advertise their ads, there is the site’s choice of "site", or choose " e-mail "!

the fifth step, fill in your web site information, this page should pay attention to fill in the form of English (to the site as an example)

      fill in English: site name, URL,

      use;   select individual

      description and target group: the website content description, in English

      key words: in English, and separated by commas in English

      monthly visits and visits