Some experience accumulated on the way to grow up to share with you

"This is not an introduction to how I evolved from a baby into an adult,"

says first. Today I want to say is, how can I from a don’t understand "soft Wen" for which party sacred, become a professional soft Wen writer?.

my first exposure to the "soft" this completely strange word is from, I just walked into the mall to the margin of one mind. At that time, mall to site operators near the margin of one mind (and you are now from naive to mature and become North China’s largest online apparel wholesale and retail mall), because I had experience in writing before this, then applied at the mall to do you copy the margin of one mind, don’t laugh, even what is not soft know, can do copywriting? This is something, if I had mastered this is not for you to see this article would not


do not know what is soft text, but never heard of a popular new marketing methods in recent years: soft Wen marketing. It seems that study is necessary. I make great efforts to collect successful excellent soft case, to seriously study, from the understanding that soft Wen is actually a science, since it is science, there will be a certain rule. Through continuous learning and exploration practice, after thoroughly tempered, now I have grown as a soft Wen writers occupation. Now I put the experience accumulated in the way of growing out to share with you (the definition of soft, and how to be, I will not say more, online presentation is very detailed), this is my personal experience.

one must begin to learn more and see more.

everything is difficult at the beginning, write soft text is the same. Do not know where to intervene, can not find the point of entry, is every new writer will encounter problems. Well, since everyone is going to have problems, don’t worry. At this point, you do not rush to write, you should see how other people write, and the more you see, the more you will get. Look at the others how to embed the content need to publicize the products, service or brand information perfect, look at the others how to choose the starting point for the whole text looks like nature itself, to achieve the ultimate soft advertising. By studying other people’s articles, to discover and master the law.

two, more brains, more observation, more practice.

other people’s articles see more, and the next step is to practice writing articles by yourself. Good soft text, not necessarily long winded, perhaps only a word can achieve our purpose. So, if you don’t ask for more, make sure you don’t have a word. That will only make the reader sick. Practice more and practice more, and you will find that you can write a lot of things. Through the observation of inspiration you will continue to emerge, the hand must have the inspiration often, don’t drag, better get down, even at that time simply describe the day after finishing it (my bag ready to pen and paper). For example, working in the mall site during a concentric edge, webmaster humorous phrase, customer service MM and buyer story website, a successful change, can be done as a starting point to write. Watch more, think more