Who created spam online

, do you feel that the information that is being searched by the search engine is becoming more and more garbage and more and more repetitive, and I think you should take a good view, because the future search will be more and more garbage. So, how do you have so much garbage information,


1, interest driven highly repetitive spam

IT a web business is very successful, obtaining huge profits, a successful scientist once said: the success of others and can be replicated, so the content of some personal websites began to copy the IT website, although this big cake has been eaten mostly, but the rest of the bed for students and some low-income workers, is still considerable. Plus the person in order to enrich the content of the website, information to repetitie, so the biggest difference between website and website: advertising is different, the result is that you find in the search engine in the content uniformity, even typos are the same.


search engine but soon realized this point, in order to prevent excessive repetitive, put some pure copy of the website (all reprinted from the Internet to the website) removed from his database, made the website people know, website search engine is an important means of bringing visitors, so in order to prevent the search engine is removed, they changed the content, because the search engine will not repeat the contents of a word verification, are generally determine the head and tail, so when the clever Adsense reprint articles began to take the title and the first few paragraphs change into their own original content, while the center still remains the same. A lot of junk information on the Internet, or even because of the false original article, spam will be more (no way, is to live).

2 and website marketing drive real spam

with these repeated, "original" content more and more. The search engine began to participate in the retrieval process, participate in the artificial flaw is that he can only identify spam duplicate information, which can not distinguish the content of the website is the real source, these still need to complete the computer program, so let the search engine to your site’s content became the first source of information become the means of many website, webmaster we will start to learn a keyword to a website in search results at the top and big head, but the impact on the search engine is small, the search engine is to show users better content, he will not go to care about the birthplace.

but as time goes on, more and more owners began to use technical means to make their sites become the source of information, online garbage, highly repetitive content began to appear, but this time due to the addition of artificial processing techniques, more and more difficult.

in view of the above operations, the search engines are more complicated and processing in detail the contents of the program they began using contrast a word, is actually a piece of paper inside the selection and comparison of search engine and database, repeat >