Talking about the development experience of local forum

1, do more connection

The initial stage of

development is the most difficult, because the local forum is not like other forums, he has targeted, regional, advertising everywhere does not necessarily have effect. At this time you can only do the connection, let search engine can search to your site, increase search engine friendly degrees, but is not blind to pay attention to the connection, this is my first mistake, to connect even the relevant website, for a little irrelevant website, no connection what effect for you. Also, it depends on how many external connections each other has, and the less external connections you have, the better it is for you.

in addition, the connection to your keyword, keyword will bring you the most important traffic. Keyword external connections, search engine ranking will improve. If you don’t know what keywords to do, I suggest you go to the Baidu index query, what related to your station keyword search the largest amount, your keywords ranking will be higher.



may not be happy with it a lot of people. But it’s a sure night for a website to be famous overnight. Some time ago I did, because it is the local site, the effect is not very good, but also reached the point, you can go to Baidu search "India domain name dispute, the foreign domain name registration must be cautious". There’s a lot of articles about me. I remember very funny is that I had to post behind, seeking help Chaozuo rmb. Now, we might as well search it. How to run, see myself, anyway, writing can let friends see, write an article is not necessarily to be professional, but must be like from the coal out, I was the name of the Beijing do.

3, organized local activities,

my forum has activities almost every week, which can increase user stickiness. You can also word of mouth, let everyone know your website, as to how to organize, I should not teach it. Suggest you do a local group, so that someone can find you through QQ, the group can both put their advertising, activities are also convenient, and now new people like to communicate through QQ.

4, do preferential activities

now is not just a "1 yuan" domain name? I guess who will not care about 1 dollars, just send him a favor, to engage in activities, you can set the number of points to send a domain name is what, I believe there will be a lot of people support.

I recently opened a special server dedicated to free space to send people interested can see, specifically not to mention. I believe this activity will make my station more fire.

5, local publicity,

I thought about posters before, but I don’t think so now. Where can you stick it? I just know that Nanjing or roadside posts will be ripped off for a while, and there’s no effect at all. But I recently jumped into a good trick and issued a business card. Business card 10 blocks