Discussion on the ratio of input to output for the owner’s investment shop

now open a Taobao shop, do not want to spend money to open a good shop, it is almost impossible to do, Taobao shop currently has many versions, respectively support edition, standard edition, expanded edition and ultimate, is a free version of support when you drill, shop finally rises to a drill that will be charged. Here is how to operate Taobao store how to control costs, and let the cost of maximizing the interests of the strategy.

1: Taobao store version selection,

for the four version of the Taobao store, we should choose what version? I think, to expand version than the standard version is more cost-effective, because the function is more abundant, and the cost is only two times the Standard Version, one is 30 yuan per year, the other one is 68 yuan per year. Although expensive two times, but the price standard is relatively low, so two times, and not very high, but ultimate more than 2000 year costs for our small and medium-sized webmaster, investment is still relatively. Therefore, comprehensive comparison, or expansion of the highest cost-effective version.

two: shop decoration

online shop and offline stores are almost the same reason, if the line store decoration exquisite, and the products they sell and take more, it will be able to attract pedestrians, so is the Taobao store, so when the shop version confirmed, the rest of the things is to consider the shop decoration, but in decoration, you must understand what the crowd ready to sell products, shop positioning your what, the clear, have very good decoration scheme. For example, I run a slimming products online shop, the target population is mainly targeted at women.

after confirming the products and target, the author began looking for professional designers to tailor shop shop, because of their aesthetic and for specific decoration bad if they learn from scratch or deliberately to do their own, on the one hand would delay a lot of time, on the other hand will lose the chance to compete with others. Now open shop not only to the strength of competition, more competition speed, so I choose to invest 200 yuan, the choice of a special group of companies to design shop shop design template, although the investment 200 yuan, but to save time and improve the speed of on-line shop, so the investment cost is very high.

three: online shopping shelves and content construction investment

because the author is a single sales of slimming products, so this investment is almost zero, is all to do, because the workload is not great, but if it operates several categories of products, especially clothing shop, I think that you should ask some professional personnel to do part-time shop shelves and their work efficiency is relatively high, you only need to provide some pictures on it, because the category more shop operators, the workload will be greater, if what they are to do so, for their physical health is a lot.