How does the local website break through the existing operation thinking

now many webmaster do local station, the first is certainly not their own, but because other people do see local website success, and then imitate, like now many of the owners of the site in imitation of A5, but the imitation are often submerged in many similar sites inside, while those of the initiator of evil often became the brand of the industry, as the webmaster industry A5


in recent years the local site to obtain a larger development, after all, our country has a vast territory and a large population, a small town of a hundred million population, these people have only one percent people to visit your site, then you can get ten thousand IP, you also can earn big hair, this is the main reason of local website has a great development, but also because there are many local websites for us to imitate the object, so it can in a short time will place to create a site is booming! But in the booming behind, has the huge crisis! Just like the group purchase website, because industry class very expansive, lead to vicious competition, resulting in the shrinking market, causing more drastic shuffling, is only visible if the imitation, it is inevitable. In competition, and the lower the threshold of imitation, the intensity of the competition will be higher, so the local web site is how to break the existing operational thinking of the time!


actually want to break through the existing local website operation mode, we must know how to start innovation, but innovation is not for you to keep you from the local site mutation, suddenly become beauty website, or other what kind of website, but a kind of gradual innovation, just as we see QQ software management and 360 did you see a security guard, in the distance, the two are not what is different, but in a careful, originally this is not each one has its own merits, blindly, but to find innovative ideas in the imitation, only in this way can guarantee the successful operation to breakthrough the idea after the


we do local portal website, we can separate some local industries from the portal site, in the local industry, but also to carry out more segments of the industry, so it can avoid a lot of fierce competition, turn into multiple types of Web sites from a web site, thus forming its own user the group, so you can make the site get common progress! Of course this is a simple

innovative thinking!In addition if

can also change, and how, of course this is let your site more user experience, more suitable for local users, you should be good at discovering the shortage of competitors, they want to know that the user experience is not good, then we will be able to carry on the adjustment, made out of food while is the same, but the taste is one hundred and eight thousand, you want to love users naturally eat delicious food! This is a kind of micro innovation, and success of micro innovation is often very high, like the original Baidu is through the new minimally invasive beat Google, this is a new minimally invasive reflected strong power of

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