Baoding knows the local boutique network project dialysis

tip: This is the Baoding 123 webmaster dream dreamer inadvertently find information on the Internet encountered, Baoding know the webmaster through communication, by Baoding know the webmaster wrote their entrepreneurial experience. It’s a bit long, but it’s real. Hope that friends through this article to understand, as a webmaster of hard work and fatigue.

side of the water and soil education side of people, although I am not authentic Baoding citizens, but it is native to the Baoding region, playing children for life in Baoding and proud. After I graduated from university in Baoding radio and TV work for more than four years, in 2006 successfully obtain the computer department of North China Electric Power University graduate, but in the past three years, Beijing is now a media organization, it also lived in Baoding for nearly ten years, Baoding is an ancient city, and now into a new era blood, I as a Baoding person has obligations to have the confidence to do a little contribution to Baoding, with my hobbies and expertise, and in my roommate Guo Shaojie plan and the successful launch of the Baoding know network design in 2008, "Baoding needs to know that life is our stand portrayal.

flag is established, action will have goals and power. I am responsible for web site system analysis and layout, each page has made a detailed functional simulation diagram, so that the program is based on evidence. Site drawings completed, we made friends do experience verification and use function on, where is not convenient for users to obtain information, where redundant cumbersome, where function omission we change, after several revisions of let other friends advice, this kind of repeated N times, Baoding know the final draft of the drawings is finalized, then Guo Shaojie reference drawings for the implementation and performance optimization program, at the time of our dormitory to burn the midnight oil until 2 am, 3 hard work is hard, but It is often seen., than for people living in Baoding who still do something worthwhile. In this way, Baoding was officially launched on 2008 April, and we were ecstatic.

Baoding knows the original intention is to provide some real convenience for the lives of the people of Baoding, on this basis, to promote Baoding culture, and promote social harmony. In this piece, I divided into nine categories: 1, 2, food delicacy; Gaestgiveriet Hotel; 3, leisure entertainment; 4, real estate, shopping search; 5 stores; 6, wedding photography; 7, driving 8, travel agency; training; 9, tourist attractions, covering the people eat, wear, live, play, etc.. In the culture of this piece, we know that the master attached a small forum in Baoding, called "Baoding know", the forum aims to collect extensive and clearly show the cultural connotation of Baoding, so we carried out a detailed layout and merge, the typical representative of the content in a month. Records, such as "Baoding know, know several columns of Baoding" inside: Baoding news, Baoding County, Baoding, Baoding legal news events and police and so on, are orderly 10 years period, provides a rich cultural feast for the people of Baoding, widely praised by users, but the content.