Acacia community how to build a first-class love entertainment theme community

: Hello, Mr. polar, first of all, thank you for taking my visit. I learned your station from Baidu’s post bar, so I’m curious about your station. Can you describe your station’s original intention,


Arctic: I’m not afraid of your jokes. Actually, I planned to be a website a long time ago. At that time, it was just a dream of an upstart, which made me have such an urge. But actually it’s very hard to do the website, especially during that time, my life is very confusing, so I can’t do anything well. I didn’t even do it at all. But early this year when I was in Baidu Post Bar in know several people, one is a forty year old office worker, said he was hoping to do matchmaker. (a man with this idea is really interesting) is actually I don’t trust the meaning, but because of my selfishness or accept some of his ideas and joined his group: a matchmaker. Maybe a lot of people have heard of it.

however, I always feel to do one thing to make a result, or give people hope, a waste of time to others is immoral, so I want to do a website, set up the database and then friends, good matchmaking.

: so your initial idea is to be a database of groups, introduce people, and how do you make a profit? Or is it just free for all, but look at your website, isn’t it?.

Arctic: Yes, the original idea was to make a database of groups, to meet the right people, and to meet and communicate with each other. I didn’t think about spending before I did it, but now almost nothing is free, or some can’t provide the functions we need, so I decided to do something professionally. At least professional, in order to get more friends trust.

: I think if a website wants to survive, or to retain people, it must have real service. What kind of service can your website provide?

North Pole: I’ll just give you a brief answer to this question,

we mainly provide dating service, not just a simple marriage presentation. It is easier to meet one another than to meet another, but to love is never easy. We can only provide such a platform to provide the first two.

second, we provide entertainment platforms, including movies, novels, pictures, and even shopping. As for shopping, some people may say, "small vendors". In fact, the shopping platform we provide still serves the first theme of love. People say that people are clothes, horses are saddle, it is true, a good outfit will make people fall in love at first sight. For example, the weather was warm for two days, and I entered the classroom wearing a suit. For the first time, students were screaming. Of course, not only clothes, make-up, ah, only those who will live will love.

third, that is, offline activities, our website in the management around the organization will organize some parties regularly. And our website will provide a certain amount of money. That is to say, we have established some links with businessmen from all over the world and we can get one of them