Grasp the industry blog user demand, improve the B2B industry website stickiness

I have said before, to answer the main mode of the main service industry forum is the technical staff, the same industry blog is mainly in the service of technical personnel, management personnel and the marketing personnel, in order to share and discuss the application of technology, management, business development prospects of knowledge and marketing etc.. The core of the traditional manufacturing enterprises is the demand of sales and technical services to enterprises, business column is the sales demand, if the back or the service in the enterprise sales demand, is no longer necessary, as opposed to an industry website, only for a small industry, said a industry, sales skills and management knowledge not enough to support an industry blog should have information content, and the Alibaba, Taobao and other comprehensive website due to traffic, many users, you can. In turn, the industry technology blog is also to meet the sales staff, business owners, business management and other technical, new product development direction, complementary columns. Such columns are generally suitable for the manufacturing sector B2B subdivision industry site settings, and the application of technology needs a large industry is suitable, such a success case is very much.

tell the demand analysis, the specific crowd to clarify the industry blog face, on the first day of my talk, write blogs and blog access are enterprise staff, which is divided into two kinds of behavior or behavior is a part of demand for business services, such as business owners, senior management and marketing director, where they are active, on behalf of the enterprise to publish articles, by way of knowledge marketing promotion of enterprise products, and not because of the behavior itself get much good. In part on behalf of the individual, such as enterprise technical personnel, management personnel and sales staff, technical staff is mainly to demonstrate their skills, get more opportunities, such as to find a good job, good friends; the sales staff blog to spread knowledge, knowledge through the website platform, search engine etc. get more opportunities, improve product sales. Sometimes this demand is not a strict distinction, enterprise boss blog sometimes only individual behavior, and sometimes the technical staff to write a blog, itself is a personal act, but the results are enhance the company’s reputation, indirectly promote the company’s sales promotion.

1 requirements of enterprise technical and technical managers

technicians come to the B2B industry portal, where he can see the most relevant technical knowledge of his own, which is an important reason why many technicians are willing to subdivide the industry website. Technical staff can own some of the ideas recorded, written in the article, the purpose is to demonstrate or their mastery of professional knowledge, hoping to get some opportunities in personal occupation development, for example, to find a good job; or through its blog article, make more friends on the occupation, get more the opportunity to communicate; or through the product or solution, to attract potential customers, to enhance the company’s reputation, establish the brand in the trade or industry blog; through this platform, to fame after publishing books, "