Be sure to be responsible to the customer for the station

himself as a network company’s technical staff, he is also operating the site. Exposure to the industry, and see the current situation of the station, I completely from a website construction technician’s identity, we do when customers stand, must be responsible for the customer!


in the network company, especially technical personnel, should have deep feeling, now do station also is different from the previous excellence, to be honest most of the time most of the network companies are in the "flicker" and "cheating" customer. After the customer will be the site of the station in the intention way, the sales staff to customers is closely reasoned and well argued and promised to give the customers, provide the best quality service and so on, but has signed a contract to make technical personnel at the hands, but not all can guarantee. Because there are many things, customers do not operate in the site is not understood before, including the security and scalability of the site. Therefore, in the process of making the website to the customer, many programmers and designers are able to cope with the network to cope with, there is no station to consider these issues in the client’s position, the reason is actually very simple, as a programmer, want to write out the procedure can perfectly meet the customers a seamless heavenly robe. The demand, but in the huge economic goal to promote, stimulate interest in experience, the programmer is more and more irritable, more and more not down to the "heart" to the customer to solve the real problem, basically is downloaded from the Internet, the program has been modified slightly, pay to the customer, and some even do not pro test about the system safety and stability. These are not alarmist, even a lot of well-known Internet companies are the same, not to mention those companies struggling with the line of life and death.

I’m running a website myself, and I’ve encountered a lot of problems in the process of running the website. Once you have a website, you will treat it with your heart, regard it as the hope, so everyone hopes that their website is the best, is the most stable, is not easy to hacker attacks. I have deep experience, my own business website, because the program vulnerabilities website recently is often linked to horse, so the whole would have been a good stand, now ranked no flow.

here, I advise you to make friends, I do website don’t because of "cheap" and the choice of an Internet company, not good if I would rather spend more money, also want to find a can let people worth trust companies to do their own web site, because the site is a hope, a flower of their own, we must to maintain it. Similarly, for each network company is the same, only we are responsible for the customer, we can go farther, in order to get the customer’s trust, in order to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. So, we must be responsible for our customers,


finally, introduce our company: Ji’nan and network science and technology limited company and present myself in a station operation: Shandong business network "