Combining the experience of website development the channels and methods of marriage website profit

in recent years, with the "you are the one", "we date" such a big dating show is growing, dating dating has become the theme of many urban men and women’s life. A variety of dating sites are springing up like mushrooms. Some well-known dating sites, such as "Jiayuan", "lily network" profit model natural needless to say, so what more do not know where dating sites should be how to develop, how to profit? The development direction of local dating sites seems increasingly narrow, can not be optimistic about the future. Especially the service life of some websites (such as 58 city Ganji, etc.) is deep into the local wedding industry, greatly to seize the market, making some local small dating sites is not a place to live in in the market, faces an uncertain future. So, from what aspects should we look for opportunities to promote the profitability of the site?

(1) optimizes SEO rankings and sells ad sites

rental sale advertising can be considered as the traditional profit model in website operation, which has been recognized by the vast number of network operators. But it is because of its tradition that it has led to some problems. Do the dating website in place, if not to consider the long-term future development and construction of the website, simply by ranking optimization in SEO, sell advertising money, finally found that only rely on advertising as a long-term operating profit point, completely unable to support a website. Especially in the two or three line of the city is different from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other developed city business ideas, a lot of make-up, photography, wedding, emcee and so on, especially the individual businesses will not recognize the ads in this virtual network business environment, increase the importance of propaganda and necessity, therefore only by selling dating website advertising money can only be a dead end.

therefore, the sale or rental of advertising spaces is needed, but not unique. Moreover, while concentrating on optimizing SEO rankings, we should also take part of our efforts to publicize the importance of advertising on the Internet, change the concept of traditional wedding companies, and attract more advertising investment.

(2) directly with the wedding company


has sold the advertising position to the wedding company’s first step, it should be followed by further cooperation with the wedding company, studio, wedding rental company. To date on its website success to the wedding wedding company customers recommend cooperation, or make recommendations in time to customer website consultation, deal in the customer with the entity’s website, extracted from the Commission for profit.

(3) follow the trend, quit group buying mode,

now all kinds of goods and services are popular buy group mode. Rather than really ruthless discount sales promotion, it is better to conform to the consumer psychology. Love and marriage websites can also withdraw from the group buying model. They can attract more customers through a little discount, whether it is organizing clubs, wedding photos or other services. In this way, the wedding company has a large number of angry guests